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If you’re unexpectedly pregnant again, you may wonder whether other options like parenting or adoption are feasible. Perhaps you had a past abortion and want to make another choice.

Parenting and adoption mean you’ll carry your pregnancy to term, but the outcomes are different. You can decide whether to raise your child or place them in a loving family. It’s your decision.

At Informed Choices Women’s Center, your first appointment is always with a registered nurse. They can discuss your options and help you determine your next steps.

Parenting: A Difficult But Fulfilling Journey

Much of what we learn about parenting comes from social media, family and friends, and childhood experiences. Raising a child is a responsibility that carries much weight, but it creates a lasting opportunity to help someone flourish.

Determining whether you can parent can feel like an overwhelming task. Many things may be on your mind, including finances, your living situation, and the child’s father.

Before deciding, ask yourself what you would be most excited and nervous about with parenting. Evaluate whether you have a strong support system and what assistance you may need. You don’t have to have all the answers; a desire to learn more is the first step.

We can provide parenting information, classes, material resources, and more. These no-cost services can help you begin your parenting journey with confidence and support.

What Do I Know About Adoption?

Historically, movies, TV shows, and books haven’t painted adoption in the best light. You might have heard about mothers “giving up” a child or wanting to be uninvolved.

Adoption is far from these negative stereotypes. You’re bravely deciding to give your child the brightest future possible. You can choose the level of communication that works best for you.

As the birth mother, you can select the adoptive parents and plan that suits your needs. Open, semi-open, and closed adoptions offer different contact levels. Open adoption allows you to forge a relationship with the adoptive family, while a closed adoption provides complete privacy.

We can provide adoption information and referrals so you can make an educated decision. You won’t pay for adoption services, which is entirely your choice.

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