No-Cost and Confidential Women's Center

We can verify your pregnancy at no cost to you.

After taking a home pregnancy test, follow up with testing at our center to verify the results. You can also skip buying a home test, and receive testing for the first time right here.

All of our pregnancy testing appointments are provided at no cost to you. Our staff is experienced at advising on the best time to take a pregnancy test and will interpret the results.

This will help you rule out user error and improve accuracy.

Before making a decision about your pregnancy, it is crucial to know exactly how far along You Are.

Your second step to pregnancy confirmation is an ultrasound, as a positive pregnancy test is not enough to confirm all the pregnancy details. An ultrasound scan…

  • Confirms the pregnancy is located in the uterus
  • Verifies the viability of the pregnancy
  • Determines how far along you are in your pregnancy and the due date
Getting an ultrasound can be an important next step in evaluating all your pregnancy options. Contact us to schedule a no-cost ultrasound.

If you are indeed pregnant, we provide STD/STI testing and treatment.

Informed Choices Women’s Center offers no-cost STD/STI testing for HIV, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia. Contact us to schedule an appointment and get the certainty you need to move forward.

Getting tested can seem daunting, but you deserve to know where your health stands and get the treatment you need. You are not alone! 

We have multiple locations to serve you.

We have two locations for your convenience. We are located in both Mountain Home and Harrison, Arkansas. Please reach out if you are close to either location to schedule a no-cost appointment.

We are here for you as you navigate your pregnancy journey. You are stronger than you know! You’ve got this.

Brave this Season One Day at a Time.