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Considering parenting?

Parenting can seem like a scary word, especially when faced with an unexpected pregnancy. The good thing is you don’t have to have all the answers right now.

Consider all your pregnancy options and do your best to get the clarity you need to consider each one.

 Am I Ready to Parent?

Parenting is not an easy road, but one full of love and joy. If you are second-guessing your ability to parent, ask yourself some questions before deciding on this option. Ask yourself tough questions like…

  • Will my parents and partner support me?
  • How will my job/education change with parenting?
  • Will I be able to support my child financially?
  • Are there resources to help me raise a child?

You can get all your questions answered by our knowledgeable staff at Informed Choices Women’s Center. Our caring team can share all your options and give you the information you need to make an informed decision. 

Get a Pregnancy Confirmation

Pregnancy confirmation is your first step to confidence in your pregnancy. Before deciding on your pregnancy option, make sure to confirm your pregnancy with no-cost pregnancy testing and a limited ultrasound at our center.

These steps of confirmation determine what options you’re eligible for, confirm how far along you are, and if your pregnancy is viable (healthy and has a heartbeat).

Schedule a no-cost pregnancy testing appointment to begin.

No-Cost Parenting Resources

Earn While You Learn – Parenting Classes

We’re here to help you take the time to address your parenting concerns and help you find the resources you need. Many people who want to parent may have questions or concerns about single parenting, co-parenting, marriage, continuing their education, financial stability, and other topics.
We offer free parenting education and resources at our pregnancy center for anyone who wants to participate, and you can even join in our “Earn While You Learn” Parenting Program.
You will love this mentoring program! This is our longer-term opportunity to participate in the Earn While You Learn program. Earning “Mommy Bucks” and/or “Daddy Bucks” as you go. You can spend your bucks on items in our “Baby Boutique” for your pregnancy or for your baby such as diapers, baby items, and clothes as well as maternity items.
We can help you become the best parent you can be. Contact us to sign up for this program.
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