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Abortion is a major medical decision with real consequences. Though many talk about the physical implications of abortion, little is spoken about concerning the emotional risks. 

It’s imperative that women are informed about these risks so that they can make the best possible decision for themselves. Continue reading to learn more about what could be at stake.

How May I Feel After an Abortion?

Every woman is different, so every reaction after an abortion procedure is also different. For some, abortion creates relief, like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. But for others, abortion can lead to intense and complex feelings of grief, sadness, anxiety, and even depression. 

Every woman is different and will navigate a unique and, at times, difficult journey. These feelings may be further complicated by outside factors, including:

  • Individual feelings about abortion
  • Personal belief systems
  • Prior or current mental health struggles
  • Outside pressure to abort

If you’re experiencing any negative feelings after an abortion, it’s crucial that you receive the help you deserve. 

Consider speaking to a licensed mental health professional like a grief counselor or therapist. Take the time for yourself to heal; spend time with friends and family, journal, and prioritize self-care activities like rest and relaxation. 

Post-Abortion Care 

Informed Choices Women’s Center offers post-abortion care and education for women struggling with complex emotional needs after an abortion. This support is always offered at no cost to you, and best of all, it is done in a caring and compassionate environment.

With the proper resources and support, healing is possible. You deserve to find hope even in the most difficult of circumstances.

We’re Here to Help You

Contact our team today for more information about our no-cost, confidential services. We’re here to help provide the support you deserve. Call 870-424-4673 for Informed Choice’s Women’s Center and 870-280-3169 for our Harrison location. 

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